Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Guangzhou East Deng Xiang Qisai Cup win

Chicago-correspondents reported Huei-Lin Huang 【】 Guangzhou by the Chicago Association of Chicago 3rd Guangzhou Cup Chinese Chess Open, a few days ago in the South Year Chinatown Plaza, 12, enters the stage, 8 of the winning player to win the first round, in the final showdown fighting, significant Supernatural powers, after all afternoon race, won East Deng this year's "King of Chess Chicago," the throne, and 500 U.S. dollars prize money.

The game has attracted hundreds of fans to the concept of chess tournament, so that the Guangzhou Association for the chess enthusiast who can understand the game situation, especially in the game next to Taiwan to set up a large board, each runner off the game, real-time display of staff In a large chessboard, in which championship race, the two "move to Geri" evenly matched competitors, a tense than on the stage, the audience can see the audience Rushen.

8 first round players short-listed William Tang, Tung Deng, Zhang Ming, Chen Jian, Woolard and strong, Fan Yao, Xiong Yan, Xiao-Qing Jin, the same day from 10:30 am to start games, competitions continued until 17:30 or so, all the players Cheerleading relatives and friends, from time to time in the game came to an end, to cheer for the players.

Deng strength of the strong East, after Atletico took turns smoothly on top, 2nd from Northwestern University doctoral student was Xiao-qing gold, three or four other people were Xiong Yan, William Tang. Winner of this prize money of 500 yuan, 300 yuan for the runner-up prize, third prize 200 yuan, along with a trophy and certificate match. 。 Access to 4-8, will each receive 50 bonus incentives.

Guangzhou this year's Cup Chess Championship preparations for the person in charge, Guangzhou, vice president of the Association of Liaojun Liang said that this year the overall level of players is very high, and the outskirts of Chinatown have players, the youngest player only 14 years old