Friday, August 29, 2008

The 2nd North America Xiangqi Championship in Edmonton Canada

The 2nd North America Xiangqi Championship is taking place in Edmonton Chinese Cultural Centre from Aug 31 to Sep 2, 2008. This event is organized by Edmonton Xiangqi Association. There are nine cities in North America sending teams to the tournament. Teams from US are New York, San Francisco, Houston and Orange County. Canadian teams are Toronto, Vancouver, Richmond, Calgary and Edmonton. Los Angeles and Montreal are also invited, unfortunately they are not sending teams to the tournament this time.

According to the President of Edmonton Xiangqi Association, Mr. Kan Chiu, after 6 months hard work in fundraising and preparation, he proudly said We are ready and looking forward to having a successful tournament.Mr. Chiu believed with the supports from all the associated Xiangqi organizations, we should make this event a successful one. By having this event bi-yearly, it can tighten the relationship and friendship among all the Xiangqi players in North America.

The lst North America Xiangqi Championship was held in San Francisco in 2006. Toronto from Canada is the Champion team. Let’s see who will be the Champion this year.