Monday, July 28, 2008

Chess Variant Tournament in the Detroit, Michigan

My name is David Lame.I discovered the game of Xiangqi about a year ago, and find that I quite enjoy it. I have been playing Chess for some time, but did not pick up Xiangqi until I read an article about it on a Chess variants page. I like it well enough that I am trying to introduce it to some Chess players in the Detroit, Michigan area. In order to do that, I am holding a tournament that will feature Xiangqi and other Asian Chess games (Shogi and Makruk).

The event itself will be rather modest. I do not expect thousands to attend, but I am hoping that by introducing it at a small event, interest might build.

More details of the event can be fount at
Feel free to ask any questions.
Email :
Phone : 248-543-1930


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