Friday, April 25, 2008

My favor game—XiangQi (Chinese Chess)

Name: Edward Jin
Teacher: Miss Yin
Time: 4/25/2008

My favor game—XiangQi (Chinese Chess)

I am Edward Jin, 6 years old America born Chinese in California, USA. I just started to learn Chinese culture because my parents believe it’s very important to understand my root. XiangQi is a fun game helps me to learn Chinese. I like it very much because it has many animals’ roles such as elephants, horses playing cannons, rooks and Kings. It’s very much like Star War. Thus, I recognize all 32 pieces in Chinese Characters correctly right away.

I learned basic rules of XingQi from my parents, who showed me the function of each chessman, such as Pawn, Cannon, Rook, King, and so on. My parents also taught me how to attack the opposite King and how to protect my own King. I enjoy playing XingQi with my parents much more than playing a peek-a-boo.

My dad always tells me that XingQi covers logic, math, and culture element. Although I don’t completely understand the meaning what he has said, playing XingQi is one of my favorite hobbies. I can play with other people or computer software alone.

My parents find out the XiangQi classes offered by Miss Yin, so now I am her student and a XiangQi club member of South Coast Chinese Culture Center. In her classes, I have learned correct movements, how to write notations and score calculations. I have so much fun in learning XiangQi thru the famous Monkey, Piggy and Monk Adventure software my teacher offered! My dad said my skills have improved a lot within 2 monthes.

I enjoy playing the game with my classmates and look forward to meeting and playing with people from outside of Miss Yin’s classes. This Sat. 4/26/08, Miss Yin is taking me and other classmates to perform at L.A. Chinese Radio Station’s event. I am excited about it and look forward to make more friends and have fun!

Edward Jin


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