Saturday, June 17, 2006

GrandMaster Cai Furu promote xiangqi in New York city

United East Athletic Association (UEAA) had invited
GrandMaster Cai Furu,formerly coach of Guangdong chess
team,to New York to promote the game of chess. He will
be giving out lectures on two consecutive Sundays. The
dates are 6/18/2006 at 49 Mott St (Luen Sing
Association) and 6/25/2006 at 70 Mulberry St (UEAA).
Starting time will be 12:00 noon.

GM Cai was born in Guangzhow. His all out attack style
in chess earned him a nickname, "The Lord of
Guangzhow", in his heyday. He was initially introduced
to chess at the age of 10. At 19, he became a member
of the Guangdong team. His first participation in the
National Championship Tournament was at age 21 and
placed 6th. In 1981, he became the champion of the 1st
Chengde 11 city/province Invitational. He became a
coach after his days as an active competitor. ( GM Cai photo album )

UEAA and Luen Sing Association will co-sponsor the
10th World Cup Xiangqi Select Tournament. The dates
are 7/9/06, 7/16/06 and 7/23/06. The top two finisher
will represent USA-East to participate in the World
Cup which will be held in Macau next June. In
addition, there will be a cash prize for the top four
finishers. They are $500, $300, $200 and $100
respectively. For registration, please call Patrick
Chan(917-365-5775) or Mr.Ma(917-885-6338).