Wednesday, July 22, 2009

German Championship of XiangQi

Finals of the German Championship of XiangQi at Berlin on July 11th - July12th, 2009 have been covered by Chinese Media again.

The representative of the Press Section of the Chinese Embassy has been there to start the Championship by executing the first move of the match of Mrs. Caifang Wu against Mr. Lai Hop Duong, the German Champion of 2008.

The correspondent of "People's Daily" has been there, and he has published an extensive feature about that event. Herewith the link of of that article in Chinese language:
German Championship of XiangQi

The representative of the Chinese Embassy who starts the German Championship by executing the first move; and - in the context of Germany - it is quite unusual that a representative of the Chinese Embassy starts the German Championship of Chinese Chess, in fact that has happened for the first time at Berlin 2009!;

Pu Fangyao (no. 3 in the end) against Andreas Klein (no. 4) in the end.

Dr. René Gralla taking part in the open tournament against Joachim Lißner.

The organizer of the German Championship, Mr. Joern Tessen from Berlin (who works as a lawyer), left, playing in the Open Cup tournament against Mr. Michael Baumgartl (r.) from Nuremberg.


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