Thursday, August 03, 2006

Xiangqi in Finland

Open 2006 xiangqi tournaments:

  • 1) Tournament in Jarvenpaa (near Helsinki) 5th - 6th August
    Please visit this page.
  • 2) Tournament in Otaniemi (near HelsinkI 29th August - 1st September
  • 3) Braingame festivals, Oulu (north of Finland) 13th-22nd October (exact Xiangqi days not known)
  • 4) The Finnish Xiangqi-Championship Helsinki 11th - 12th November
  • 5) NianDi-tournament in Jarvenpaa (Near Helsinki) 28th December

Board of the National Xiangqi Association in Finland:

The Board 2006:

President and Honorary member: Raimo Lindroos, Jarvenpaa (
(International contacts)
Address: Ahokuja 2, FIN-04430 JJarvenpaa, Finland,
(phone: +358-9-286255, gsm: +358-50-3235025, fax. +358-9-287174)

Vicepresident: Arto Vaara, Jarvenpaa (

Secretary: Markku, Jarvenpaa (

Treasure: Tero Riskula, Helsinki (

Member: Timo Aitta, Otaniemi (

Member: Jukka Tuovinen: Helsinki (

More information:
Please take a look at:


Blogger David H. Li said...

Raimo Lindroos, FCCF president, wrote me concerning an Embassy match. I used his e-mail and converted it into an entry in my blog - #291, Xiangqi in Finland (12/21/06). My blog address is My e-mail address is David H. Li 12/22/06

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