Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) August tournament at Järvenpää

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) August tournament at Järvenpää
on August the 5th and 6th (2006)

The tournament takes places at Oksapolku 1, Järvenpää (approximately 40 kilometers from Helsinki). Everybody is welcome to take part in it.

If you¡¯re interested in participating in the tournament, please send e-mail to raimo (dot) lindroos (at) kolumbus (dot) fi in order to sign up, or call Raimo Lindroos: 050-3235 025 (Please use English while signing up).

Each player is given 45 minutes time per round.
Referees will be appointed before the 1st round.

Saturday August the 5th : Confirmation of participation 10:30 šC 10:45
1st round : (approx.) 11:00
2nd round : (approx.) 12:30
3rd round : (approx). 14:00

Sunday August the 6th :
4th round : 11:00
5th round : (approx.) 12:35
The results and prizes will be presented at about 14:30

Non-Finnish players can participate in the tournament for free.

Prizes : Xiangqi books and other related material. The players can choose their prizes in the order of results.

Coffee, tea and other refreshments available for a small fee.

Organized by : Chinese Chess Association of Järvenpää (Järkis)
Organization committee : Arto Vaara (General management)
Raimo Lindroos (signing up and public relations)

Getting there :
1) The H-train from Helsinki stops at Saunakallio station, from where it¡¯s a 500 meter walk to the game site (located in the back of Jamppa shopping center). Please refer to the map at :
2) Other players from Helsinki area might be able to give you a ride there in their car, please ask Mikko Törnqvist
mikko (dot) tornqvist (at) hut (dot) fi


PS. HUT Chess club plays Chinese chess on Mondays starting at 6 PM at Jämeräntaival 1A. Everyone is welcome to join us!


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