Friday, May 12, 2006

New website for xiangqi activities in the Netherlands

Dear xiangqi fans,

We have now our own website for chinese chess activities in the Netherlands. We publish all events in our diary or "agenda".

You can follow this link to see our new website:

You will see also that we have for the first time the 25th European Xiangqi Championship held in Haarlem.

Still are some things to fix like the dns. Later you can find us under the name ( and that stands for "Nederlandse Xiangqi"

Further we like to place some links on our site but mainly we will keep it as a kind of a bulletinboard.

Greetings, Arnout de Leeuw


Blogger Arnout said...

The site has been updated again, now you can play online against the newest version of a xiangqi program from mr. Pham Hong Nguyen. Links will be added soon to other xiangqi sites.

3:33 PM  

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