Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The International Mind Sports Games is OFFICIALLY set for China in 2008.

The American Go Association (http://www.usgo.org) put this up on their website, after Bridge had been indicating it is on. Think of this as an Olympics for mental competition. The news:


(9/30/2007) The First International Mind Sport Games will be held in Beijing in October, 2008, reports Roy Laird, Chairman of the AGA Board of Directors. Calling it "An Olympics for mental competition," Laird tells the EJ that "The concept became a reality on September 26, when International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) President Jose Damiani announced that the four IMSA members (Go, Bridge, Chess, Draughts), along with Xiang-Qi (Chinese Chess), will hold the first ever World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) from October 3 through 18, 2008 in Beijing,"which will have just hosted the Olympic games a few weeks before.

This will be the first such international mind sport competition under General asociation of International Sports Federation (GAISF)auspices. "GAISF works closely with the Olympics movement, but don't expect to see go being played between ice skating and gymnastics on Wide World of Sports," says Laird. "Instead, a parallel set of competitions is evolving, through the recently formed International Mind Sports Association." It is expected that more than 2,500 players from over 100 countries will compete in 25 to 30 medal events in the WMSG. In addition to individual events, team and pair competitions will be also be held. "Through the International Mind Sport Games, more people will become aware of the value and joy of mental competition," says Laird.


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